Authentic Connections Authenticated: Put a spotlight on your brand & the communities in which it serves. Track the Impact
Collect authenticated data, growth & impact for your brand in one place. Leverage the blockchain to showcase your brand’s value-driven philosophy spotlighting compassion & equitable change. Create a new standard of brand involvement that reaches beyond the boardroom & into the community.
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Re-Imagine Brand Sponsor ROI & Community Connections
A New Era for Brand Sponsorship
Authenticate Sponsor ROI, collect data & memories allowing your event to live on!
Web3 NFT Content is King
Storytelling campaigns ‘Track the Impact’ of your brand’s community outreach.
Immersive Data & Insights
Wallets are the new data graph; capture participation data on audience contributors!
The Power of EcoVerse Brand Pages
Bridge Web2 Communities to Web3
Minted Moments claimed by your users from any of your Event Pages render on your Brand Pages. Community members can see themselves & other fans.
Allows Events to Live on
‘Where does the event content go...?’ Asked by EVERY event attendee. :) Our voting pages & other data tools allow you engage with attendees post event!
Data Driven Interactions with Top Fans
Brand Pages track data on every user who participate in claiming minted moments. Top Fans allow you to reward users with unique access & one of a kind prizes.
Leader of Innovation Spotlight:
Champ Medici Brand Page
ecoverse brand page
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